She was always in love. Always infatuated with someone. Going crazy over some new toy. Something disposable in her mind that is. I hoard anyone that ever gets close to grasp. Wanting something to last. Because people are NOT a dime a dozen. This confusion of this thought feels like a concussion. Individuals can often lack individuality. The people I usually gather are the ones that point and choose. The ones that never lose. They leave me in the dust and I’m the one that’s called the sinner, can never be a winner. I never back stab or lie. Just to get the guy. I’ve been tossed out by friends and left in the dark. Left with the secrets they once trusted me with and felt too guilty to narc. Because these individuals who lack individuality become sour and catty. When you seem just fine on your own. Choosing to be selfless rather than taking selfies. People like this lack common sense. And all of this is sadly not past tense, I haven’t had a clue how to commence a plan to put a ban on individuals who lack individuality.

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