they say home is where the
heart is
well my heart sits inside this
war-torn body going through the motions
breathe in
breathe out
suture together the gaping hole
that screams from the center of my mass
tugging on the ragged edges
trying to fold in on myself
my own ouroboros
subsisting off my flesh
eating my muscles
a supernova collapsing with a crushing
blow that rattles my bones
and reverberates through my heart

so this is home

the lodging where my
beaten soul and battered consciousness
have wiped away the dust
taken the sheets off the unused furniture
and curled up with their feet tucked up
underneath their body
paying no attention to the
leaky roof
pitter patter of water droplets
heavy with the chaos and ire
of the outside world
as they land definitively in pots & pans
littered throughout my body
lingering in my liver and
sopping up moisture that springs
traitorously into my eyes
burns straight through my retinas
and reminds me of my weaknesses

how can I be my own big bad
alternating between a warm bed
and hearty meals that
bode a bountiful harvest
suddenly replaced by howling wind
and razor sharp rain drops
cutting into my skin
and I welcome it

I let myself be cut to ribbons
until all that remains is
shredded flesh clinging precariously
to ivory bone
hanging by a thread
an elephant at the edge of a cliff
tail tied to a dandelion

I relish the destruction
in razing my corporal temple
to the ground
reducing myself to ash
and scattering to every edge of the earth
until I burst forth form this atmosphere
this geological prison
my dermal incarceration
and fly as star stuff
to become a distant universe
for didn’t the liquid power of the stars
always run through my veins
an oil fire burning higher and higher
until the black acid smoke
consumed the entire world
and absorbed the sun’s rays
to bring out a never-ending night

close my eyes
it doesn’t matter if it’s dark outside

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