So today is the day we said TTFN(ta ta for now) to my cuz and his girl. We bonded pretty good me and her. They came in this week to play in the national bowling legue that was held here. We had a great three days with them spending all day together. I am so gonna miss my cuz and her but I know our time would eventually come to an end. I love how my cuz loves my pop. They are really tight my pop tells me. I know this is the truth cuz as we were leaving my ninos house and he and her are going to leave town tomorrow I saw him get teary eyed. He was crying cuz he had to say goodbye to my pop. I love that so much.I love that someone loves my pop as much as I do. He knows my pop loves him and I know he loves my pop. It’s sad that he is leaving but I know he will be back. untill then cuz untill then.

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