the proximity of trash cans

i need to explain something about the proximity and proliferation of trash cans in or around your injured/ill friend. we actually have types of trash cans. for example? you can tell exactly how well i’m feeling by looking at the floor by my chair. how many trash cans are there and where are they, also where is the box of tissues? if the tall blue trash can is behind me, that’s fine, but if the small white trash can is anywhere near my chair, i’m not only MERELY sick, i’m so sick i don’t trust my ability to get to a can. the further away from my chair it is, the better i feel. if you ever walk in and it’s on the desk, with the box of tissues on the desk in front of it? just turn around and walk out. you won’t get anything coherent LOL

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  1. don’t try so hard. as you know i’m REALLY ill, but i’m also equally BUSY trying to get it all sorted out. perhaps we should move this discussion to googlemail?

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