just a ramndom entry lol

I did so much today it was insane. First I went to the community college to get my tradscript and take it to a meeting that I has at the university…….but the stupid people that work there didn’t have them ready and gave me the run around so I went to my meeting with out them. I felt so stupid not being prepared. I’m always  prepared I like to know that I am ready for what ever happens. I guess you can say that I got that from my pop. It’s a curse and a gift all at the same time. The meeting went well I know what classes I need to take and stuff so that’s good. I’m on the right path to becoming a doctor now I just have to take it one step at a time. Lord help me!! After that I came home then got with my bestie and she took me to pick up my truck at my ninos house we talked to my nina a bit. Then it was wash my sheets time. I love to go to sleep in some fresh clean sheets soooo comfy right now. I’m finally relaxing. I really am nervous about moving to the university it’s going to be a lot harder but I  know with the help of family and my bestie I will make it. Just got to take it one step at a time just one step at a time.

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