insults spill from his lips.
praise, lost to his shallow hate.
your eyes fill with tears,
shut, to hide the pain.
the inside of your mind spins.
why would he?
how could he?
you try the mask he likes,
you try everything in a desperate hope
he will return your gaze
you don’t feel the angels that
touch upon your cheek,
you don’t feel heaven’s light,
you only feel the ashes smoldering.
don’t let your world be undone
feed the fire
kill the desire
that blinds your eyes
stills your heart
and ensnares your mind
wake up.
you try and touch heaven
with hands dripping in sin
shaking and yearning
doubts, haunting like flames
open your eyes
his words should be your name
but spoken on a whisper light to
the ear and soft to the heart
so look in the mirror
wipe those tears away
and don’t let those demons win…

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