pissed off enough to ban someone

what’s it take to get banned and i mean totally banned from my flat?well, trying to uhaul my ass when we aren’t even doing it is a fine step in the right direction THAT’s for sure.

another real oldie but moldie is at ANY time imply that your schedule is more important ‘thank whatever it is you’re doing NOW’

now combine those with spending a good 6 hours over 2 days with her eating all my fucking candy (i have maybe a little cereal bowl sized dish of peppermint left when i spent 20 on candy in the dollar store for the Gods sakes. it was to have lasted me all month you fat greedy HOG!) then when i put out the bowl of cherries because someone was coming over for dinner she tears into THOSE AND asks if she can take a ‘little bowl like maybe a cup’ she took a butter tub FILLED and that point i considered it a fair price to get rid of the thing that would not leave. drinking my soda, smoking up my herb, pestering me to redo the same fucking tarot reading i did 3 times already and THEN she tried to get me to lend her a couple of my dvds. (i did NOT and i will not. my shit doesn’t leave the building unless i’m carrying it.)

i finally at day 2 of this shit from about 11am till 6- at night and i finally said ‘look, i have someone coming over for dinner and i need to start prep. i have no idea why if at all he’d be angry. he was hungover all weekend so it’s probably nothing except avoiding everyone and everything that might make an unexpected loud noise. you already said you can’t eat spicy food and we’re grilling superspicy mets. i’m not making someone that wasn’t invited to this an entirely separate meal because they think it’s a date or something. i’m tired, i don’t feel well and my day isn’t even a third over. call your cab and then you need to bail. i’ve gotten nothing done for 2 days now and i cannot work like that.’ since her ‘just let me make 1 or 2 quick calls. my cellphone’s dead because i need to call time warner. then she proceeded to have a 20 minute political based rant AT THE GUY WHO”S ARRANGING TO RESCHEDULE HER INSTALLATION. why was the guy reluctant about doing a simple job? probably because the little sleaze-beam put a fake name on the work order because she owes them money and they said they weren’t going to touch the work until she paid them which got her off on another fucking rant ‘where has this society turned to that it’s cash in hand for everything!?’ probably when too many lying sack of shits like you abused the system so their time is at a premium and the dispatcher probably saw the yellow bar on that. ‘owes money do not reinstall without cash in hand’ kinda things. gee, i wonder.

after FINALLY getting her out from underfoot and i was seriously about an inch from backhanding her ‘could you PLEASE not rant at people on my phone?’ ‘i am NOT ranting! how dare you suggest such a thing, i’ve having a perfectly reasonable discussion!’ meanwhile every dog in a 5 block radious is howling in pain because she’s been shrieking for 20 minutes solid. best part? i can tell you NOW she didn’t get hom out there today. not after that performance i got to hear. they wouldn’t touch her now without a cash payment for the arrears THEN cash in hand for the installation with a couple months paid in advance because you KNOW the bitch is going to skip on it. 1/2 the story she gave just and me was bullshit (she did what the stupid and arrogant often do. assume that crippled =deaf. sat there and called an OLD friend ‘oh we’ve been friends for YEARS. basically family really.’ so much for only been in town a couple months and don’t have a single person in town i can turn to? huh? bullshit)

i finally get the place to myself again the evening went fairly nicely (even though he didn’t show on a be there around 7? i didn’t eat till 930)

last night i was sick as a dog, all exits and have been up since 3am. this would be someone you REALLY don’t want to annoy. so what do i hear? my name shouted at 8am under my balcony. WTF?! no. no way. not even. ‘it is WAY too damn early. i haven’t even had my caffeine yet. i can’t play today. you’re the reason i got nothing done for 2 days.’

‘but i’m just hear to help YOU!’

muttering (no you’re here to help yourself to more of my food and to use my phone all fucking day again. ‘no. you’re not. i told you, i cannot play today.’

‘i …i left my pur’

‘no you didn’t. that neon thing? i’d have seen it.’

‘my WALLET! i left my wallet on your bed. just toss me the key and i’ll help you find it’  and starts muttering under her breath about how she wants a smoke and she wants it now.

guess no one told the dumb CUNT (yes, i went there) REAL Cat People have super-sensitive hearing. that did it. i finally stormed out onto the balcony. ‘you WILL behave like a civilized being or you will be GONE. i have told you this now makes it 3 damn times. i cannot play today and you standing there scowling muttering how you just want a smoke isn’t going to make me want to oblige you. i TOLD you. it is NOT here. 1 of the things i did when i finally got you out of my flat was clean up 3 hours worth of fucking MY candy wrappers ashes and soda cans of stuff i didn’t even get to enjoy and now you’re standing down there flat out LYING to me? how’d you get your cab to the grocery store last night? it is NOT here and neither is any damn excuse for you to be standing there with an expression like a murderous toddler. have a nice day, just do it ELSEWHERE.’ she blinks and says ‘well, i’ll just come back later’ i laughed ‘no you will not. not to see me at any route. you just burned this bridge for good.



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