Things My Mother Taught Me

1. Never compare yourself to others. Compare yourself today to the you from yesterday.

2. Learn to enjoy spending time by yourself.

3. You are not responsible for someone’s happiness but you are still responsible for being kind.

4. You shouldn’t have to prove to someone that you’re worthy of their love. You don’t have to prove anything.

5. Don’t brew tea for too long and never drink from tea bags unless you’re desperate. Buy good coffee beans and organic tea leaves, always.

6. Tuck your shirt in if you want to make a good first impression.

7. Supporting a friend in an endeavor and helping motivate them is a gift that’s often overlooked, a word of encouragement goes far.

8. If you have to say something rude or mean to get a point across, you’d better be witty about it so the first thing people notice is the humor, not the bitter words.

9. If you’re angry at a situation, use that difficulty to create new opportunities to challenge yourself.

10. Acting sorry is far louder than an apology.

11. Always be grateful for any good thing that comes across your path. No one is entitled to luck, but luck doesn’t come without hard work.

12. No one needs a reason to be depressed or sad, no one should have to have a tragic story to make others validate their depression.

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