Begin Again

Sometimes i’m crazy

Oftentimes I’m dizzy

When you get to know me

Maybe You’ll just flee

I overthink, & just wanna sink

I don’t wannalie, and want things right


I loved foolishly

Sometimes selflessly

My principles, I make them strong

Because I don’t wannna be wrong


I’m love drunk, like a ball being dunk

You awaken the love inside me

Sweet as honey, made by bee

But wanna flee to see the seas

To know how deep love can be


Can we end things right?

Cause I wanna be right in their eyes

Your love is warm, I feel no harm

I feel secure and was so sure


let’s start right in the fullness of time

I wanna marry you near the sea, where sunset shine.

I don’t wanna die, I just wanna sleep with you

and wake in a place called heaven

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