Being truthful about Amusement theme parks,

Well recently my family and I went to a theme park.

First my father had to pay in the hunders to enter the park

Then ignorant employees,confusing technology near the pool when using a locker instead of paying $3.00 for a Locker customers had to use a debt card and pay $10.00 to use a locker. And customers couldn’t even see the screen to register to get a locker.

Some of the rides were shut down how disappointing,

The theme park doesn’t have a place to know of Mr.Rodger.

This theme park won’t do refunds it would be nice if customers got to do a review of there visit at the park and it would be nice if the theme park would do refunds to make the customers happy .d

on’t go to this theme park it’s not

worth it.This theme doesn’t want to make things right.

This theme park is Idlewild theme park

This is a real true review,


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