Hong Kong

A woman in a wheelchair without any legs singing from the top of her lungs…making music with her voice to get a few cents to survive. With a glow to her face and a smile inside her heart shining from the inside out putting a smile on the ones around her. With echo’s of perfection and passion. Finding another corner, two guys singing while living it out on their guitars…making people stop and stare with smiles on their faces. This is Hong Kong..the city with talent, love and passion.

A Symphony of lights stretching over the Victoria harbor to the sound of the music. With the whole sky lit up and the most amazing colors and lights of different kinds. On a bench a couple showing their love and care under a lit up sky. With smiles, laughter and little nose peck kisses. Holding hands while slowly disappearing in the busy crowded streets of Honk Kong. Street markets and shopping centers…various malls and sky scrapers. Crowded streets till midnight. From Chinese till Western food.
Subways, taxi’s & buses…also known as public transport. The common word “Ferry”, a public boat transporting one from one island to another, where Hong Kong is basically divided in two. Doesn’t matter which subway you prefer to take, all trains will lead to any specific destination of your choice. Specific buses for destinations. Taxis, red, blue and green for specific destinations as well. Hong Kong’s harbor, Victoria Harbor, in fact one of the busiest harbors in the world. Great to take a trip around the harbor when the sea is calm.
Nature’s brilliant…Green trees & forest bringing the mountains to life.. Every tree on the island is named and numbered. Tropical weather, up till 80% humidity in the summer. Where as well, Hong Kong Island has the most beautiful beach. Repulse bay, clean soft beach sand to sink your feet in and tropical trees putting a smile to the entire beach. (a very well known beach, where prince William’s Honeymoon took place). Swing parks for the little ones and rooftop cocktail Lounges for the times in need to experience true beauty, dancing city lights in the dark. A temple to find at the mouth of the beach with hundreds of gods and offerings. To keep yourself safe, one thing to know is not to touch any statue or monument, it might be someone’s god. This counts for the entire Hong Kong not just for the temple areas. Yet at the end of the day we all have our own religion.
English & Chinese the two languages they speak here known as Cantonese. Brilliant vocabulary in English and the Chinese if you listen carefully, just naturally rolls on their mother tongue. Communication is so successful. Lost in translation does not play a roll at all. Understanding one another is a major plus point. No difficulty. . .
Where we are use to an alphabet, the Cantonese alphabet’s consist of 47 000 characters, where we have letters, they have characters to specific and identical meanings.
Cantonese are very respective. To show your respect towards them, never point at people and whenever you give or receive example credit cards, money etc. you should use both hands. Never give white flowers or even roses, this symbolizes death to them.

Wondered where Hong Kong got its name from? The British gave the name where it means “Fragrant Harbor”
Ever seen an organized city? Hong Kong city is definitely the place to be. Little things makes a difference in every possible way. Everybody is permanently keen to help and asking questions if they notice any kind of struggling. Best service ever. Everything is fast and on time. People here live by time not by day. Thousands moving in the speed of time. Time IS money. On the other hand if you miss any train or bus you are able to catch the next one in 5 minutes time. Movement and operating systems are amazing!
A little Cantonese boy posing beside a big Christmas tree while his parents are taking photos. A little girl in the arms of her mother all dressed up while her mother shares peck kisses on her forehead, putting her down holding her hand and walks with her. Children laughing and running around while the parents are laughing, children making their parents smile and laugh with joy. Love plays such a big role in Hong Kong especially the love between the parents and their children. Its amazing how they enjoy their children and the love they share.
Religion is quite an interesting subject to observe and discover while in another country apart from your own. Taken into a small room on the 5th floor of a large building with a few Cantonese women, only to discover that it is a Chinese fellowship in a Chinese Methodist church which I am about to witness. Hanging a string of Christmas lights and a few paper snowflake ornaments because their budget is very tight. More people come to join in minute by minute where everyone brings their own share of meal, not traditional though. Cantonese Christmas carols and prayer takes place and right after that the feast also known as “Christmas party” starts. Gift exchanging and playing games where everyone gets to share takes place. A pastor taking us to their chapel as well as their prayer room. Its beautiful. A building consisting of 20 floors in total where 13 floors are used for religious purposes and activities. The rest you will find as offices. Its amazing to discover that a large percentage of Cantonese are serving the same God…the King of kings.

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