It never fails that I do this I need to stop like yesterday

I know why it is that I always give up on the new guy once he stops texting or calling me. It’s cuz every time I think things are going great and we talk all the time some how or another he stops talking to me out of the blue. So naturally the momnet that he stops for a day or two I right away assume that he stopped just like all the others. Michael is the guy I am talking to right now and we talk all the time and we like all the same things and want to do all the same things. He wrote to me today to tell me that he left his phone in his friends car and they had just found it and that he was sorry . I felt like a total jerk for thinking that he was like the rest. I need to learn to have more faith in men especially this one. I really do hope that things work out with this one cuz it’s been four long years since I had a good man in my life. Wish me luck ya’ll!!

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