How I Met Your Father – The Frustrated Musician.

Well kids, you know in my days I used to always date guys who were in a sense related to any artistic activity. This time, he was related to music.
In 2010, I went to your aunt’s birthday party… it was at a bar, in which she would perform, what I didn’t know is that she would sing along with someone playing guitar. So that’s when I met my frustrated musician boyfriend. I saw him, and I thought he was pretty cute… he was not at all the kindda guy I’d be into… but anyways.
Kids, I’m gonna be honest, I don’t remember how I started dating this guy.. at all!. All I remember is we were at your aunt’s one day with many other friends… We were playing truth or dare, and they dared us to kiss, and we did. After that, we went on a couple of dates… He was nice to me, not mention he wanted to do me on the first one, but I guess I will take that as mistake and not see it in a wrong way. Anyways, I’m gonna keep this story shot cause I kindda regret being with this guy, I’m not sure really why I did… but oh well…
After 6 or 7 dates, he tells me he’s now in a band, and he’d be performing @ club 10 days from that day. I was, of course, happy for him… but he forgot to mention one little detail; the band was freaking joke!. They would dress up as mummies, and pharaohs, and even one of the guys was practicaly naked… they would play songs that would go “I want a girl in a thong”, “My son is a fag”, “She’s fat but I like her for her tits” and so on… and!, he’d be on stage dancing and singing next to a girl who would strip. And I mean, she would take all of her clothes except a tiny little thong.
I believe you know how this ends, he actually thought this band would success, and he told me nothing was more important to him but his band, and if he had to f**** the girl on stage to be famous, then he would.
I’m not gonna lie to you, the guy knows about music, he’s a great guitar player… but he’s so frustrated as a musician, cause he doesn’t even have the voice to sing… and he was in a band in which he couldn’t even show his talents, and believing he’s get somewhere and be someone did not make any sense… and him putting all that “trash” before me, sucked. This, was the first time I felt depressed… even though at this moment I’m telling you I regret being with him, and I didn’t enjoy being with him… I think at that moment I was going through a lot of shit and I needed someone by my side… and when we broke up, I fell into a depression in which I wouldn’t eat, shower, go out, work, anything… at all. All I did was cry and lay on my bed… tried to keep myself with people around… Now I think back, and I don’t understand how I got to feel so bad, for someone who treated me like nothing.
I did get depressed again after breaking up with my painter boyfriend… But I really did loved that guy, still do, not in the same way of course, but I wouldn’t regret that relationship. But that’s another story…
Of course, he never got to be a well known musician… A week after we broke up, he was already dating someone else, he got her pregnant 1 year after, and I think they’re now living together.

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