Dear Mom

I hope you know how important
you are. You taught me to make
up songs for everything,

because life is always better with
a little music in it.

You showed me disney movies and
how to put on makeup

what to do with boys who love
me and boys who love my body
and how to tell the difference.

You taught me how to be a
lady with hands folded and legs

but always reminded me to
feed the lions in my chest and
hold them at the ready.

You taught me to be the type to
catch bullets in my teeth and
never to fear the guns pointed in
my face

because I’m a lady, yes, but that
doesn’t mean I can’t take my
pretty sparkly heels off and send
those boys running.

You taught me things like strength
and the power women could wield
like swords forged in fire clenched
between unwavering palms.

You taught me to be brave.

You are strong, also because you
know how to love.

You taught me passion and
forgiveness, when to fight and
when it’s okay to walk away.

You taught me to always keep
laughter in my life.

You taught me that love should
build you up and make you

That my heart could handle anything,
as long as I never gave up hope

and that this pounding behind
my rub cage means that I am

that I have a purpose for being

Dear mom,
I don’t have the words.

Thank you.

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