Let It Go…. Let It Go.

…..”turn your back and close the door”


The first thing i said was… Stay away… I kept on pushing. My mind, my heart all in unison  like a frontline army, protecting me. I was a broken man. I have been broken before and knew better.

I pushed you away and you refused to leave. The fiery army inside your eyes overpowered mine as you gazed deep within my soul, convincing me that… I need to open up.  I, was concoured by just one kiss. You rushed through my veins like pure cocaine, leaving me addidcted to every molecule of your being… You fought yourself into a now, unlocked door. A door that wasnt meant to be open, not until my feet started walking where my mind was busy dreaming.

Alas, now I started dreaming… with you, i started walking… with you… I woke from a deep emotional sleep. I smiled.


Then… Silence… You u left…


Leaving that same door wide open… You let the cold in… You let the whispers of loneliness back in. Now my army lay slain… Wounded from their battle.


I fight still… I fight the medusa tongues of many nay sayers who choose to brand me as just another brick in the wall. like this was your credo. ‘To hurt.. Then leave, Then Forget’. I chose to defy even my family as one closest to me has become an apparent expert of my ways…


Still… In this silence… I choose to fight for you. I fight for dreams… I fight for walking. I fight for smiling. I fight for an open door, the door only you can close.

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