My Aun Problem

I want your real opinions at the end.

So It’s the end of the year and Aun has been in my French class for the whole year. About four months ago during lunch he walked by me and said I reminded him of a cat, from then on I would be called kitten by him sometimes. During class he looks at me a lot, like glace at me after he said or did something funny. When I pass him in the hall sometimes he says I love you to me. He’s said I love you six times already. So the seating at lunch is my table is vertical and his is horizontal, the tables make a T. I sit in the corner next to his table and he sits on that side, so i’m behind him. During lunch he would yell my name then turn back around, he would also say I love you and once he said I want to make love to you. Should I believe him? Or is he kidding.

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