My First Journal

For my first journal I just want to introduce the people I will be talking about.

Aun: In my French and gym class. Popular, plays football, not the smartest, and kind of shy. He may like me.       

BB: Has known me since second grade, funny, my best friend, loves acting and singing, has a huge crush on this guy but wont admit it.

Flavia: Obsessed with Fall Out Boy (FOB) and loves reading. She can be weird, creepy, keeps making bad jokes, used to be my bestie.

Grace: An Angel. She has a boyfriend I will refer to as Tan. She loves singing and acting, is funny, you can tell her anything. She cares about others and has a great sense of fashion.

Jake: He moved at the beginning of the year from NYC. He had a HUGE crush on me for four months and everybody knew about it, then he started dating Amie (it lasted five months) then broke up recently( Amie hates me because she liked him at the same time he liked me). He is funny, tells you the truth, and is extremely caring. We are good friends.

Martina: You know that person you aren’t best friends with but yet they know your deepest secret and you know theirs. That’s who she is. She is funny, and the only class I have with her is chorus because he is a year older.

Aleena: Knows every secret of mine. She s moving this year to Cali but I still love her. She is hilarious, the real deal, and awesome.


This entrée will be edited along the way as I talk about more people.                                       

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