sweltering lives
all made out of macaroni and glue
no breathing room,
some minor discomfort
a dream that plays in the background
on the TV screen
harp is strumming
my lungs are oozing

losing interest in things
involving things
surrounding things
eating things
forcing my hand to do something
other than sweat
reading things
painting things
writing things
grand canyon of a heart
wanting to blend in with the snow
only to have it devour me whole

people are disappearing
like lighters
some get too desperate for a
flame flick
I am just naturally desperate
it gnaws on my brain
to sit down and truly wonder about
the ongoing time frame
of day to day
clicking clocks
make me sick
I’m just trying to absorb the moment
until it fades
rereading every damn line
until I turn the page

I spend eternity
grasping the flowers that bloom
in my brain
I kill each and every one
how silly of me
to pick such beauty
when I know it’ll whither away
how not so pretty
such terrible loss

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