hushed by a breeze
oh it’s so damn easy
to blow away with the wind
to get carried along
these brushes of air
to become lost inside the sky
and now you’re lost
inside your mind
and the essence of existence
is no longer exciting

like an unanswered question
that keeps repeating
all these years
every winter I keep
rewriting these lines
and the darkness feels right
tonight feels alright
but please
stay with me
for my grandmother’s garden
is dead
and I am still laying
in bed
for these bones they chatter
all through my body
they’re scattered
bending and snapping
like twisted sticks
and these eyes they just can’t see
the softer side of infinity
it hurts me every time
the blend in with a bunch of walls
while I’m spitting nonsense
into the corners of
restroom stalls

I’m on my feet
I’m heading north
searching for some drug
that’ll nurse me to a corpse
I took off my skin
and left the wine in my gut
it was all so easy,
when it was all said and done
it was all so easy
in the end,
my friend.

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