Secrets Secrets are no fun, unless you share with everyone

This is my reaction I have not let out from an event that happened three months ago. Btw used to cut three months ago but I got help and now I’m cured but something happened a couple months ago that I never got to talk about.

Flavia being the way that she is thinks that if someone needs to know something she has to tell them, even though it’s not her business. When I did cut Flavia knew but BB didn’t.  I was afraid that she would over react about it and end up telling her mom so she didn’t know. I wanted to tell her myself because I thought that I owed her that after not telling her that while it was happening. One day before I was going to tell her I arrive at school and she says, “Why didn’t you tell me you were cutting?”. I’m like, “What you knew about that!?!?” Then she says Flavia told her. I get pissed. Are you fricken kidding me right now. She knew that I wanted to tell BB myself because  felt that I owed it to her, and she comes along to ruin my plan. I dodge BB and go storming to Flavia. “How dare you tell her that, you knew I wanted to, I was my problem in the first place.” Then she responded with, “But it was the right thing to do Amanda, it was for the better.” “The better? Are you f***ing kidding me right now? You know what the mistake has been made but I will never trust you ever again!” I storm off not even caring for what she was going to say. I never talked to her ever again and she didn’t dare to talk to me again.


Do you guys agree with me or nah? Sorry for the language.


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