still sick

and i’m pretty sure i know who the fuck took my meds. can’t be anyone else. only 4 people were in my flat besides me and he was the only one unattended in here when i was in the loo. he’s been avoiding me for a couple days now only responding sporadically to email and after i published that i was pretty sure who took them suddenly he starts getting scarce and acting weird. uh huh. fuck you justin. you’re scum. way to prove the cliche’s right. you really can’t trust a theieiving irishmen when there’s drugs or booze to be had CAN you Cavnaugh? well, parties over and no more free internet either. i have NO use for you and if you act like an ass about this? well, fucker, you read that yesterday. i’d suggest you leave me the fuck alone and found a new place to live, fucker.


today’s pain doc day and the only reason i didn’t go to the emergency room last night. this is gonna suck.

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