the punchline.

i left justin’s little george foreman grill -which for the record since i have now tried it? makes food taste like shit. and i’ve been trying to get him to come take the thing back for days… precisely as many days as it’s been since those 2 percoset went missing oddly enough and i don’t believe in coincidence. – and put it n front of his door with a note. ‘never speak to me again ever. p.’ then i waited. i heard the click of his door then a muttered ‘huh?’ and he saw the note and slunk back in to put it away. when he came back out, i cracked my door open. ‘i am deadly serious. NEVER again. he looked at me about to protest. ‘i know who fucking took my meds. you were the only person that was IN here that day didn’t you fucking know i count the fucking pills DAILY to make sure i don’t make mistakes?! you spoiled it this time. fuck off.’ and shut the door and he slunk off. uh huh. i fucking THOUGHT so. all he had to do was ask. but oh no. that was too easy because he didn’t have to barter for what he can TAKE now does he? so i’m KEEPING the minifridge. you said you spent 20 bucks on it. good. that is the exact street value of the pills you took from me when you KNEW i as having even more difficulty eating and sleeping and those 2 pills could have meant 2 days when i was barely in any pain (well for me. those days anything lower than an 8 is comfortable to me. shocking what you can get used to, huh?) because i have gotten so used to taking the damn pills that that extra little bit of out of pain can make ALL the damn difference. i still wouldn’t be up doing dance marathons and having gourmet meals out at restaurants or anything, but i might have managed an egg on toast or some cheese crackers which is more than i’ve eaten in the PAST THREE DAYS COMBINED (i had a couple cherries 2 mornings in a row, then a couple crackers and that 1 little bit of croissant yesterday and about 1/2 of what was left this morning minus the chunk Zap requested. now you KNOW you’re in deep shit when your Gods damned pet cat starts doing cute shit just to encourage you to eat because they’re worried!) so. you screwed yourself Justin Cavanaugh, you fucking waste of oxygen, you tiny minded, small brained, drumnken, drugged out slut skank and so help me Goddess the 1st speed freak girl you bring in the building will get you busted. i won’t say shit. i’ll just quietly call the cops and let them in and go up and bang on your fucking door and then it’ll be game over. Scott will forgive a lot, but someone that gets busted in his building? that’s an automatic eviction. i am watching and as you know i see fucking everything.  you just made yourself an enemy and i never forget and i NEVER forgive. ever. congratulations asshole. now not only do you not have a chance o try to ask me out again LIKE YOU DO EVERY TIME YOU GET DRUNK and are anywhere near me (1 time he even went so far as to yell at me till i came out on the balcony and tried to ask me out to the fucking SCPA party. riiiiiight. i shot him down HARD in front of his friend and said among other things ‘you are a loser. i wouldn’t fuck you with a diseased crackho’s puss. you NEED to stop doing this yourself. i am not now nor will i EVER be your friend. i don’t like you. i think you’re a moron and before you start feeding this guy lies about your phenomenal musical career? let me remind you that people having a successful musical career generally aren’t being paid 12 bucks a weeks to spray for bugs in slumlord apartments. you’re a janitor. a loser. and i don’t give the time of day to pathetic losers who lie all the time and have more teeth than braincells. go fuck yourself because i won’t. stick with meth heads. they’re usually too fried out to care what the person that’s fucking them acts like as long as they keep giving them drugs. and as for YOU, sir (said in a gentler tone of voice going from furiously strident to a conversational tone that wouldn’t be out of place at an upscale cocktail garden party) i’m sorry you’ve made such terrible choices in friends. if you ever see me out and about feel free to say hello. i’m known for being friendly.’ fuckin hilarious. the guy was laughing at justin as i ripped him up 1 side and down the other.)

so. i win and you best watch your ass. in fact? i’d recommend moving.

(bows grinning wickedly)


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