trying to eat.

i just picked up the partial croissant on a plate i’d left on top of the CPU tower last night when the 2nd of 2 attempts to eat hadn’t gone very well and my  stomach started doing things that make a Cirque de Soleil acrobat jealous. just a moment ago my stomach gurgled ominously so i picked it up and went to tear off a little bit to nibble and the entire end shattered like crustal shards and crumbs everywhere. ‘well, then. same to you and more of it.’ i scooped the crumbs back on the plate and tossed them out on the balcony. a few moments later Zap wandered out there and found 1 of the bigger pieces and ate it! stale croissant. oookay then. weird damn cat. but i like them that way (crunchier and not hot like toast when it’s 87 fucking degrees at 817 in the morning.)so i guess that’s fair.

me-so, croissants huh?

zap- ooh yeah. more now please?

me-sure, but don’t carry it back in here and play with it and get crumbs everywhere.

so i broke her off a nice big piece and gave it to her. she then lounged on her side picked up the chunk of pastry and held it in 1 paw. she hitched her other elbow on the little 1/2 step between balcony and indoors like someone leaning on a bar and watched me closely.

me-what? oh. if you’re eating croissant it’s to encourage ME to eat then, is that it? like it’s a family breakfast?

zap-well yeah so?

so i took a bite and she lifted hers and took a bite. for every nibble i had. she had a bite, watching me intensely like a parent suspecting a child of hiding their vegetables in the napkins! it was actually pretty cute and i managed almost 1/2 of it before my stomach made an ominous noise. still that’s the most i’ve eaten at 1 time in almost 3 days, so i’m not complaining.


ah. the pic? well, i’m a feminist, but NOT a feminazi. i also completely agree with this statement. ANY time you elevate ANY group over ANY other group? there’s anger and jealousy and rivalry. this can be good in some small ways… like if you have a bunch pf people going after the nobel for example. some great things have come out of THAT, but that’s not ABOUT group per se. it’s individuals competing for a prize. let’s get REAL here. slavery. subjugation of 1/2 of the species that STILL rages unchecked? but you can’t just TAKE the power away from the men that are causing these attrocities because that means that power needs an outlet, a focus.i just watched this documentary a few days ago ‘It’s a girl’ talking about gendercide in asia and dowry killings and violence directed at women because they’re considered second class citizens if THAT. now. yes. it’s awful. but. after all that time spent by almost 1/2 of the populace of these areas affected is terribly affected by that -and it’s not doing  me much good either when all your fucking -pun intended- young chinese couples flee to other countries so they CAN have more than 1 child if their only allotted baby is a girl, that puts a strain on the resources of their new chosen home. fleeing the problem and then suddenly deciding you’re equal? oh my Gods. the 1st thing the idiots start doing is hoarding luxury items they cannot afford including pets they have NO IDEA how to care for and this is SOME REALLY SAD SHIT to me. the animals didn’t ask you to take it home because their fur matches the new curtains, you dumb fuck, then when you go bankrupt and they often fucking do, they don’t bother to tell the landlord they’removing, they just give it to the next young dumb group that comes over’they think we all look alike. just pretend you don’t speak English’ fucking jerks. you lot can go the fuck home now. you give every legitimate person who is truly struggling t make a better way of life for themselves more difficult because we have YOUR examples. like the fucking cunt scab who she and her ‘husband’ moved in and proceeded to run an non-legitimate business out of the flat which involved literally HUNDREDS of massive boxes being delivered here via post, ups Fedex and every private delivery company in town and THEY ended up bringing the FEDS IN ON THE CUNT because not only was she doing THIS? their paperwork was faked and she had killed her 1st kid because it was a girl. get the fuck out my building, you infanticidal scumbag. (yes, we got them kicked out of the building. Scott didn’t like the feds skulking around because it was making some of the other tenants twitchy.) it’s sick and sad. ad why was she allowed to run amok? it made her happy and she stopped yelling at her husband so he let her do whatever she wanted because we’re in theUSA now women are allowed to make their own choices. yes, dumbshit, BUT if you give someone sudden power who has NEVER had it, they tend to get a bit stupid. marriage or any relationship is a fucking partnership. it’s militant feminism (or feminazi-ism as i call it) has produced local phenomena like the hipster douchebags stomping around ranting and raving about how all women are evil because they choose to act like unwashed illshaven imbeciles (oh yeah. let’s go drink 10 dollar pints of beer the rest of the world wouldn’t drink if piss was available instead, listen to really awful whining music about how much is sucks to be bored and priveledged. yeah whatever. we aren’t fucking you because you’ve already SO thoroughly fucked yourself we’d have to take a number just to get sneered at if we don’t roll over 5 minutes after meeting you. whatever. oh yeah feminazis. feminism has changed the world. for the worse.



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