Wednesday night diary

I’m going to make it quick cause I need sleep although I’m not very sleepy at this moment lol. 10: 30PM on my bed wrapping up my day here. I had a long day today cause I went out last night. It was a lot of fun at Karaoke with Matt and his friends from his school. It felt little weird for being the only one not from the school but as soon as we start singing it all went away. Great time with new people! It did not end there. I biked back to home and had couple more beer and 2 sliced of deep dish pizza. Ended up going sleep around 2 AM no wonder why I felt tired all day.

I had little bit of hard time focusing at work when it got slow. That does not mean I didn’t do my job, I of course finished all my projects! drove right back to home and passed out on my bed for about an hour. I couldn’t fall asleep cause I was very hungry. Quick grocery shopping at Jewel and ate half of rotisserie chicken and a instant ramen noodle. Took a shower after and here I am.

Not much going on lately. the weather has been great and seems like it will be raining rest of the week. Started working again on and decided to make it really simple then add more stuffs one by one. Also thinking about WP theme project for myself. That’s pretty much it!


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