Week 3 Reflection

The topic of “Miracle Workers” really hit home this week! Teachers viewed as miracle workers are simply taking the miracle of education and delivering it to the students so they may in turn bring their very best. Children already have the tools and gifts within, we are just the guides that bring them to the surface and help the students manage them. Observations, knowing what the child needs to succeed before they do, determining how to reach each child in a diverse way and helping them to learn and learn how to help themselves is the miraculous talent of being a solid teacher. Inspiring students that learning is fun and helping students develop study skills to learn on their own is even more rewarding for both the teacher and the student. It’s not just about the data, it’s also about the journey and the development.

The topic of “What Do Teacher’s Make?” stuck a very loud chord with me this week. The answer to that question according to our speaker Mr. Mali was “We make a difference”. That sums it up in a nutshell. We as teachers can be very optimistic and often see the side of a child very few see… their potential. I guess the most difficult part of understanding this concept is when you have a parent (or parents) that do not share the same vision you have. What do you do in the situation that you know you have a male student who is gifted with words and excels in writing poetry as a way to communicate his inner feelings better than he can speak it. Then you have a parent who challenges you on why their child is writing poetry (which they deem inappropriate for a boy) and put their foot down to not accept it. How far do you take the fight for freedom of speech and expression for the child before becoming a target for the parents? Does asking for support from the administration demonstrate bullying the parents? There are so many questions I have regarding how far can a teacher go in order to reach out and help each student reach their fullest potential?

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