conversation just had and some updates and bitching

funny conversation i just had with the lady that lives downstairs….

me-oh wow! that’s a VERY cute outfit. is it from your… (she looked up at me smiling as i tried to sort out a way to say ‘where you were born’ or ‘your homeland’ or something without sounding like i was being dippy)

Bhumika- (laughing slightly deciding to let me off the hook for attempting to be diplomatic) no. it’s not from India (for the record, she is like me, little more than a toddler when she moved here with her family and just sounds like a local. hell, she sounds more local than i do LOL)  target 20 bucks!

me-ooh! NOICE! (not a typo. say it out loud JUST the way i spelled it. if you end up sounding like Terry Jones from Monty Python? you’re gettin it!) hey! at least it was friggin WALMART!

B-(sneering) oh ick! no!

Me- yeah glad i’m not the only 1 around here that thinks that. Walmart is AWFUL.

B-well, most corporations are, what can you do?

me- <snerk> (i do this a LOT. i’s a cross between a smirk and a snort and a snicker sorta sounds again like i spelled it, but this 1 is a little misleading. it’s got 2 syllables. the S is 1 by itself!) if that wasn’t rhetorical? (she shrugged and smiled) i make about 90 percent of my own clothes by hand.

badumbum!  and what i don’t make is often recycled clothing (remember the flick pretty in pink when claire cuts up 2 dresses and combines them to make 1? i do a LOT of that, but i never made anything that looked THAT awful!)

GACK! (flinching) okay that was a bit louder than i expected netflix is pissing me off today hardcore.they keep filling up my recommend list with shit i’ve specifically said i fucking HATED. sport, christer shit, rom coms (gag) and fake as hell documentaries. sick sick sick. i finally put on coolworld which i’ve seen over a hundred times because i can mostly ignore it and still know what’s going on.

got the trash out, got Zap fresh water and watered the plants. ha! mention her name and there she is! bb,. LOL the bb and random punctuation was Zap’s 2 cents as it were. she’s not much of  a typist. like attracts like eh? 😉

i talked to Chris for a few minutes earlier as he was coming back in to take Bran to work (isn’t that clever? bran is at the grocery store LOL and Branden really is a clerk at the local grocery. Chris told me they both get off at 5 and then they’re going to do a little shopping for their trip. he got this fretty look on his face, so i offered ‘i’ll just keep an eye out for you (ow that could hurt LOL Richard our postie got scratched in the eye by 1 of his cats last night too! i gave him a couple chamomile teabags for eyecompresses. huh? oh. easy recipe. really easy. put 2 bags in a big mug pour in boiling water, let steep for about 10 minutes, remove the bags and put them on a saucer and set aside add honey to the tea to taste..i recommend a 6 second pour of honey for tea that strong. you CAN put regular or raw sugar in, but the honey has antihistimine properties and it tastes better. sugar just emphasis the sharp bitter taste of the herbs. drink the tea, then lay down and put the tea bags on your eyelids and take a nap. with my claws i frequently manage to scratch my own eyes in my sleep and i’ve used this for YEARS. works every time.) and come down and play doorstop for you.’ i suggested. ‘perfect’ he nodded.

so. i have my plans for the evening.

huh? nope haven’t eaten anything else, but i found out the strawberries i got are still in great condition and i’m thinking about getting those out in a few and nibbling my way through the whole box while i watch Coolworld.

oh! and i’m working on a drawing for you lot. the caption for it? ‘i’ll try being nicer, if you’ll try being smarter, but i don’t see that happening so why don’t you go fuck yourself?’ OBVIOUSLY not DIRECTED at you lot (except the spammers and that 1 jackass i chased out of here), but considering the fact that i KNOW i am NOT the only attitudinal (that’s a WORD?! hrm… i thought i was tacking a suffix that didn’t belong on a word for effect. right on.)  goth/punker/freak or hippy with a terminal illness, so i thought you could maybe abscond with it and post it as a response next time someone says something stupid to you or something. i currently have  a wounded finger though (and my right index no less and of COURSE i usually draw right handed) i cut it getting ice yesterday on the way out. not just a little nick either.  it’s a 10mm triangle of missing flesh about 15mm deep. at the time i didn’t even realize i’d DONE it. how? the RSD. i’m in pain ALL THE TIME. that’s 1 of the big dangers of this shit. i can and have often injured myself quite badly and didn’t realize it till i caught Zap following me around licking blood off the floor! meep!

ah well. back to my flick.

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