I travel in bubble gum bubbles
and balance along through the air
I am alive
with each passing second
when the wind kisses my hair
the plague of judgement day
is still ringing in my ears
digesting confusion
in the absence of my stare

wherever the bath’s drain
is where I want to be
to consume through vents
and wash away for eternity

she swings in the backyard
and throws her skeleton on the
brick house
we all laugh until she cries
oh honey,
it’s not that bad
oh sister
at least you didn’t die

I died four times in hell
when satan was on vacation
so silly to weep
when the man in plastic
isn’t at your bedside
but he ate the bees that
stung my knees
I knew was my honey

and I fell in love with how the stars
peeked through that tree house
I was in love with
because it is bigger than
you and I
and it can fill my entire
night sky
and that’s all the love I’ve been
saving up to spend
to come home to a blanket of diamonds
that’ll never come to an end

sleeping meadows
he slumbers through each
sleepy autumn
so I come and lie
if only he’d let me
open up your entry way
so I can smoke on your tree
and sing about dreams
while you crucify me
purple novembers
rest easy inside
my chest
the whispering of winter
creeps deep in through this nest

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