When you date me you don’t just date the dweeb who’s passionate about film and music. It’s not just the artist who gives them self to you. If you date me you date all of me. From the overly enthusiastic fangirl to the drained zombie. You date my world of grey’s and constant fear, my need for space and time alone. You date my 3am crying and whiplash mood swings. You date my inability to believe in myself and need for reassurance. The raging anger that ends with pained sobs and fear of overburdening you. You date my closed off nature weariness of love. You deal with my trust issues and my over-opinionated brain. You date the bad side and the shitty stuff as well. Not just my soft voice and semi-kind words, my hidden romanticism and gentle touch. I have a dark side and it’s strong but I promise it’s not all there is to me. If you date me we can be amazing, but you have to stay when things get rough. Please don’t break me when I finally open up. Be patient and I’ll give myself freely, but be patient. I need time, it won’t be forever.

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