great news

okay. while i did have a seizure this morning and got my moon a week early?

I ATE 1/2 A BAGEL WITH CREAM CHEESE AND SMOKED SALMON AND IT STAYED DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh and i found another decent crime documentary series on netFUCKS (well, netflix, but as bad as they’re fucking up lately i think my version is more accurate.) The Hunt with John Walsh. yup. THAT 1. as in the guy who’s 6 year old son was murdered by that fiend and he ended up starting up that TVshow america’s most wanted. really good. a lot more detail than they usually give. i do NOT mean as in ‘the body was found with such and such injuries etcetcetc. i mean as in we get BACKGROUND on this one. what makes these monsters into monsters and what led up to them doing what they do so we can learn their patterns to maybe stop the next 1 before it escalates. almost done with ep 2 and very much enjoying it.


and i’ve finished the colour on that drawing i mentioned and have started the inks. if i’m allowed to actually work on it for an hour or 2 solid, i might be able to get it done and scan it. HOWEVER, i’m waiting for Chris to get back from the office so we can get them sorted out for their departure tomorrow and since i wasn’t at the desk when he left this morning, i’m not sure what time that’ll be. Bran said ‘he just has to do one little thing tomorrow at work and then HE’s also officially on vacation, but mine started at 5.’ and as it’s quarter till noon NOW that must have been a pretty intense 1 thing since chris left around 8am.

we shall see. tomorrow after they go and now that my stomach has finally settled again. i should be able to get back to work.

here have some cute cats in a bowl.

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