i slept!

4 pill day all the difference. how long? from 10 pm till 630 am!!!!!!8 1/2 is more than i’ve slept in months at a time and it’s absolutely more than i’ve slept at all in a week.

i did have a seizure and had another bit of alarming news. got my moon (period, auntie flow… whatever. i’m a pagan so i call it moon or moon time.) a WEEK EARLY!? oh for cryin out loud Fates, don’t you DARE throw menopause at me right now on top of this. if that’s the case? i give up now.

Zap and i are on the outs. remember i was down at Chris and Branden’s last night (and they put on dinner and a show for me. all i could eat were 3 potato wedges and a few picked nibbles from the edge of a biscuit and a few picked nibbles from the edge of a chicken wing. too bad. i so rarely eat KFC and it’s 1 of the few kinds of fast food i WILL touch. the show? oh them. they’re silly and both all wound up because their vacation starts tomorrow LOL)

now if you’ll excuse me? i have to go be violently ill now. ahh yes. mornings.



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