as promised, here you go! and obviously my work time was not interrupted.  we had a fed ex guy, the post, and i made some arrangements with the woman who lives below me that will make Branden VERY relieved.

because i’ve been so sick, he’s worried that they won’t be here if something happens to me. so i mentioned last night that Bhumika had said if i ever needed anything just ask. so this morning i emailed her telling her what was going on and requesting that i be allowed to tell them that if anything bad happened i would be able to contact her. she said of COURSE and gave me her cell number (again LOL she gave it to me when she gave me her email addy) and then she wanted to talk a bit so we emailed back and forth for about 30 minutes., but hey. it’s done. here it is. enjoy. as i  mentioned before, i did this for you lot. just make sure if you reuse it, that my name stays there in the right hand corner, okay? i don’t want anything FOR it. not a penny or anything else, but if i find out someone took it and cropped it SO MY NAME ISN’T ON IT, i WILL come after your ass 😉


Chris still isn’t back yet. i may try calling their landline again here in a bit (their cell phones are both long distance so i don’t call them too often. i’m frugal i am, but i’m also VERY twitchy about giving people my cell phone. the only person who has permission to call that is my landlord. otherwise it is outgoing calls ONLY. it’s the little insurance card so to speak that i toss in my bag if i have to leave the building like when i go to my doc’s and the car service leaves me sitting there. i can’t really go back in to call them again because if they show up while i’m inside most of the lazy little bastards won’t bother to go in and ask for you. they’ll just sit there for a minute, then drive off again. i’ve seen it happen.)

ah well, back to that show for now i guess.

2 thoughts on “tada!”

  1. i continue to be able to eat. admittedly not much. all i’ve had was the 1/2 of the everything bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon, 8 oz glass of 2% milk (i mostly drink that these days though every great once in a while i’ll treat myself to a pint of cream and sip it like brandy mmmmmmm!nomnom, but i am mildly lactose intolerant so it’s a rare treat and usually a fall one at that otherwise it’s too hot to enjoy it properly i.e. SLOOOOOWLY without the heat of the day curdling it in the snifter! yeah i said snifter. i really do drink it like it’s a fine brandy) 1 cold met (hey, they’re already cooked, right? it’s perfectly safe to eat them just cold out of the package) and a handful of potato chips…. but RIGHT there is more food in 1 day (and i’m already thinking about getting into the cherries and/or strawberries in a few hours when time for meds is nearing) than i have in the previous 4! so you know? i’ll take it and be happy.
    i am however a little worried that i haven’t heard from Chris or Branden and may end up calling 1 or both of their cells here in a bit… well. it’s 347 now… i’ll give it till 5 before i get too worried.

  2. they’re home. i spoke to them (spent 2 hours down there in fact)and i have the plant and cat schedule. and i ate a fudgesicle or however the fuck you spell it. LOL and i still feel fine (for me at least.)not being exhausted and so hungry and sick i can’t eat was fucking WEARING.

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