just was made VERY angry by a netfux review

okay. watching secret life of predators and was almost moved to tears (probably would have cried if i wasn’t sweating my freckles off. i don’t have the spare moisture for tears) by the 1st episode when the injured matriarch lioness with a broken jaw that healed askew so she can’t close her mouth properly was unable to eat alone SO A YOUNGER LIONESS SAW, STOPPED HER OWN FEEDING AND WENT OVER TO FLIP THE CAPE BUFFALO CARCASS OVER TEARING OPEN THE NOW EXPOSED BELLY SO SHE COULD GET TO THE SOFTER TISSUE OF THE ORGANS AND FEED PROPERLY! OH MY FUCKING GODS! heart=MELTED! it’s 1 of the sweetest things i have EVER seen! i must have said something aloud or made some sort of sound because Zap woke up and rushed over here mewing at me with a worried look on her sweet little face until i told her what it was, rewound it so she could see (oh come ON! don’t any of you have cats that watch tv with you? Zap even has preferences. she’s got herself quite a little crush on Bela Lugosi for example!!! and who can blame her! if i put on a Lugosi film, the moment she hears his voice, she comes flying in here and jumps up so she can watch with me. it’s really cute. if i even mention him, she’ll start crying and run over to the dvd cabinet waiting for me to come get one to put on!) and she hunkered down into catloaf mode and started purring, then headbutted my arm and licked my hand. (shrugs) see? she gets it.

what made me angry? well, like i said, i was quite moved by that and went over to give it a review. then i saw the tiny minded little asshat’s review. little whiner has obviously never seen any kind of animal documentary involving predators. was going on about the violence of it all then started in on how stupid the big cat researcher SOUNDED. why? not because of anything he was SAYING but because ‘of his stupid surfer dude accent’. 1st off, that’s nothing like a surfer dude accent (as someone who used to live in S. Cali for 2 years can TELL you.) Boone’s accent is pure on midwest (as i found out a slight bit further northwest idaho and all, but still) and nothing he was saying was anything resembling stupid. guy’s obviously brilliant. i wonder what they’d say about Chris’ ‘hollers of Kentucky’ accent? admittedly he’s a little hard to understand now and then (hell 2 years later i still have to ask him to repeat himself sometimes multiple times) but there’s NOTHING stupid about him. Chris is smarter than *I* am (yup. i really did say /type that and i MEAN IT TOO!!!!).

slagging off on someone for something they really don’t have that much control over (yes, you CAN learn to change your accent. hell, i’m a mimic like you would not BELIEVE!, but this is different and when i’m tired, i still revert after years of drilling most of the welsh out of mine) is just stupid and people that do it are stupid. it’s like slagging off on someone for the colour of their skin! stupid!

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