alright loserbait the kid gloves are off and it’s claws out

i’m done. i’m fucking done with humans. stay the fuck away from me. don’t fucking speak to me. leave me the fuck alone. end. game.

some backstabbing scumbucket from my doc’s office told a bunch of lies about me. i cleared it up and since i AM about as subtle as a handgrenade in a bowl of water, she believed ME and said she’d be calling both of the new ASSistants in to have a talk with them about treating patients with more respect and care. good.

see? the thing is, when they had us fill OUT those reviews last month? i specifically asked the nurse who stayed in the office with HERR (the ONLY time in FIVE YEARS of going to these people that they’ve EVER done that!!!!!!) i specifically asked her to put her initials on it so SHE would be specifically mentioned in the good parts of my review. they have THAT on file and can look that up, find out who that was and ask HER. i did NOT tell herr to go fuck himself and did not flip anyone off in the office. i never would never have. feel free to refer back to the appropriate dates (14th of may for herr 11th of june for MTSR though because of fury and exhaustion those posts will have been made the next days. so 15th may and 12th june) i came HOME and ranted my head off BECAUSE I DIDN’T FUCKING MOUTH OFF AT THE TIME LIKE I WANTED TO DO!!!!!!!!! that’s why i started this shit. 1 because Khan suggested it and 2 to give myself a place to vent.

but you know what? we’re done. that lot is about to see what a chilly ass bitch i can be. from now on i respond to everything said to me by anyone not staff as ‘i have nothing to say on that or any other topic.’ any and all offers will be met with ‘no thank you. i take nothing from strangers’ any doors held for me i will NOT go through so you can stand there till your arms fall off for all i fucking had your chance at the nice Parah and you fucking BLEW THAT SHIT. you’re about to meet THE BITCH. blank neutral expression. silent and brooding. if i have anything good to eat, i am NOT sharing. if it’s hot and you don’t have a drink? my cold tea or soda’s all mine. you shoulda fucking thought to bring your mother fucking own, tightwad, i am not a vending machine. my smokes are all mine. my bic flicks ONLY for me. no smiling. no kind words. no helpful advice. nada zip zilch. and to those who i spoke to last time? i will be fucking watching your backstabbing asses because i know who the fuck you are.

as for the rest? i’m done. this has become a rant page only. the only people i’ll be nice to are the ones that are nice to me. right now that means a handful of people in our building, Scott and our postie and local delivery folk. anyone anyone? you get grudgingly civil. it’s your own fucking fault. you want the scary goth bitch Goddess? that’s what you fucking get. don’t ask me for shit. don’t ask me for the fucking time of day. THIS 1/2 native american just went on the fucking warpath. i’m going to finish my last 2 novels get shit set up and finish the plans i set in motion 7 years ago when i 1st found out about this.

i am fucking done. you thought i was a bitch before? you ain’t seen nothing yet, motherfucker

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