Day 3: Phobias

It sound…so weird, yet it means…fear. I’ve heard there exist more than thousands, did you know? Claustrophobia, fear of confined spaces. Arachnophobia, fear of spiders. Trypophibia, fear of bunched up holes…so much…fears.

I have one.

I hate the dark. When it’s night and the lights are all turned off, I stare at the darkness. I’m always expecting something. Just something to jump out and attack me. Or when I turn away from the comforting wall I would see someone or something right where I place my eyes. My mind would always work and make me imagine many outcomes of what can happen to me. I would repeat to myself, “there’s no one there but me. Only me. Only me…” But it doesn’t help. Everyday I feel like all my nights, are going to be my last. Everyday…I feel like I’m going to get killed.

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