Replacement they call me

LOL, let me tell you about a girl name grace.. and her friends. Well this Grace chick is my current boyfriends ex… She is a typical ex, crazy and drama filled. I mean what female ex isn’t like that you know? Well I can say for myself I am sure the hell not that type of girl or ex and I never want to be or will let myself be. She is literally my first ex encounter and I never dislike people to the point I scream but with her its unbearable. Its like I am getting annoyed by my mom or dad about stupid stuff that won’t even mater in my future or in the next hour or day. Its like really? Its been two months almost since I have been with Asher and you still gotta talk? I mean talk is cheap in  my eyes and all but at some point one person can say enough is enough and put their foot down! I am the girl who never attended to walk into someones life and make such a huge impact and them do the same. When I met Asher I was like OMG PLEASE TALK TO ME!!!! and he did but we were friends for awhile till he broke up with Grace and started coming to me.. Well thing lead to things and we  started talking.. I would never regret or take back what I have with this kid, except for his ex drama. Jealousy is a big factor I feel and no I don’t mean to sound cocky and all but you get jealous when you can’t have what you always had or wanted am I right? Okay on with my story… Grace refers to me as her replacement, well how do I take that? good or bad? Hmm  in my eyes I take it like well you call me your replacement but so far in these two months I been better person to the kid and did pretty much things you barley were doing after 3 years better… Damn, lol makes me laugh and smile even when it gets to me. All I can do is focus on me and him and forget her childish drama right? I think right!

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