a little organization

Ok. so apparently I need to be a little more organized in my story telling so that I don’t lose those of you who are reading this.. so in order to keep some kind of structure here.. I will talk about one thing at a time.. although I may reference to other stories as needed.. my punctuation will not be correct.. sentence formation.. out the window.. I use a whole bunch of these dot dot dots.. and im pretty sure that all of the English grammar and punctuation that I was taught in school is pretty much going to pot at this time.. but if you can just bear with my flaws.. I can ensure you that in these stories will come some very funny things.. very real things.. thoughts from my own mind.. and some stories may be smashed together.. but this is for me.. this is a look into my life.. through my eyes.. and it will definitely be a journey.. I do have to warn you though. there will be foul language…. some things will be hard to read.. some things will be hard to understand.. some things are just hard on the soul.. so if you are sensitive in any way.. I urge you to turn back and stop reading. and if you make it this far.. its fixin to get juicy.. in this journey.. you are going to walk through the world through my eyes.. and that in itself.. may be dangerous

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