Messed up

So Wasim spoke to me yesterday, says he misses me, God. Dammit do you know what did to me?! He made so happy for a brief moment. But then I realized.. how does this (he texting me) benefit me in any way? Because I love him so much it hurts. The fact that I may never get to experience what I had with him ever again, not just with him but with anyone else but I don’t want to be with anyone else. I . just. Want . him. So by him texting me doesn’t help me because will I heal? or how will I learn to not feel the pain? and forget about him if we stay connected?. Since he broke up with me . He just gave up on us! On me …and it hurts.  Its sucks on my end. I’m glad he thought of me. Problem is I haven’t stopped thinking about him ever since. Which sucks for me. Because I was starting to be ok and make peace with the fact the I may never see him again. now I can’t even study Or concentrate sigh all because he ‘misses’ me .. Story of my life.

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