So Blackhawks won the final

I’m not a ice hockey fan but I ended up watching the game today at home. I definitely got influenced by my friends who are die hard hawks fans lol. Rainy Monday in Chicago (we even got a tornado warning) watched game on my couch with some wine. It was fun watching and glad they won the cup. I saw Wrigley field going crazy by Hawks fans just like before. Watching it on TV kind of make me wanna go there to check out since it’s not that far from me but rainy weather hold me down at home. Instead I just took a shower and wrapping up my day here.

Work was okay just like typical Mondays. work out on my lunch break, drove right back to home after work. Cooked beef, tofu and vegetable thing I don’t even know how to call. Talked little bit about apartment with John. Told him I couldn’t take him anymore since I already gave him 2 extra months to stay and I’m having hard time finding someone because of that. I asked him multiple times that he can stay if he can’t afford moving out but he said he’s good. I don’t know what is going on and he does not tell me anything. Now I just can’t afford that anymore. I have to move on.

It’s almost Midnight. still have to get a flight ticket to NY and yes roommate. This will be pain in the ass to find one on time. Hopefully I find one soon. so this is my Monday June/15/2015 Goodnight everyone.

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