Who turns down head?

He chuckled as he took another swig from the solo cup “I mean I’m just saying…my tongue will have you going crazy.” I rolled my eyes while the girls who overheard his declaration cackled. It was a chill night in our off campus apartment. One of my roommates had invited her flavor of the month over for a night of drinking. He came with 4 of his friends and 2 bottles of some fruity flavored liquor. Always in search of free lq, the girls and I were more than happy to make a quick punch and get the night started.

It took one bottle for lips to get looser and legs to get wider. A pair of them had already disappeared into one of the bedrooms and we pretended we didn’t hear the soft moans and rhythmic banging coming from behind the door. One guy, the one who had just declared himself the best pussy eater this side of the Mississippi, was all swag. I was turned on since he was just my type. I hadn’t been with another guy since him* but as I poured myself another sickeningly sweet cup of punch, my inhibitions started to fall away. I turned around and found him standing right behind me. He slid his hand down my waist and grabbed my butt. I shivered. “Let me eat that pussy,” he whispered. I hated that word normally but I was  tipsy and now it was the biggest turn on. Before I could change my mind, I downed the rest of the liquor. Liquid courage, indeed. “Let’s see if you got it like that,” I said in a tone foreign to me. I sounded like a confident woman who’d done this before. My friends all hooted. I also said it louder than I thought. I grabbed his hand and led him into the small bedroom. In seconds my pants were off and I was sitting on his face. I was dimly aware that a friend had poked her head into the pitch black room and I didn’t care. I was in the middle of riding Chris Brown’s lookalike face off. I came once or five times. What mattered was that I needed more. I slid his pants off as I scooted down his now drenched face. He put a condom on and I rode him like I was in the Wild West. I don’t know where I learned to do that but I was off to the races. And then, it was over. He had a pencil penis and I couldn’t feel anything. My blow out was not going to be sweated out for that. So I put my pants back on.

At least I got some good head.

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