Came to the besties house to watch the NBA finals. From the beginning I was rooting for the warriors. AAANNNDDD TTHHEEY WWOONN!!! I’m so happy. Now for the girl in me to come out. I LOVE KLAY THOMPSON!!! I am so his future wife. NO not cause he won the finals but cuz he is sexy as hell. I would have gone for Stephen Curry but he happily married and has babies I just can’t mess with that. Ha ha like I actually have a chance with any of these guys.

2 thoughts on “GO WARRIORS WHOOOOO!!!”

  1. YAY Go Warriors!!! i was extremely excited for that game expecially after Lebrons comment of “being the BEST NBA Player”. Which needless to say deffinately showed me. Klay is a hunk now curry thats a totaly different ball park he is GORG!!!

  2. Yea he is but I only want Klay now. I wonder if there is a way to get like a chance to talk to him just for a few minutes see if I can maybe reel him in…….lol like that shit will ever happen. He will get with some sexy young skinny thing and I’ll never have a shot. Ha ha but what I wouldnt give lol.

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