18 years old and living with my boyfriend isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Especially when I can never tell if we are doing good or not. We have our moments when we are really cute and there is no doubt in my mind that we belong together. Other days, we have our fights and our trust issues and disagreements. I  guess that’s pretty normal when you’re with someone, but we have a complicated history. We started dating September 3rd, 2014 but we only actually made it 3 months before it ended. We both lived at home, I was finishing high school and he was working at a lumber yard. We got to the point where we were fighting all the time and finally he wanted to take a break for a week. Two weeks later he started dating a girl he had liked a year before and she wasn’t interested in him until we were dating. Long story short, that only lasted a week before he was begging for me to date him again and of course I missed him so much I did. We were on and off a couple of times but now we have been doing good for awhile and actually live together.

I am also in the military, which makes things difficult, to say the least. I have to leave for 10 weeks to finish training and we are going to try long distance. Neither one of us are good at long distance. We want to be able to feel, to touch, to talk to, and see the person we are committed to. That doesn’t mean we aren’t going to try, but  we will see how things go.

I guess I am writing on here because, other than my love for writing, some times people need to talk about things. Everyone has things going through there thoughts and feel things and it makes you feel fresh when you get them off your chest. You put things out in the open and then realize maybe you aren’t the only one thinking them and doing them or even feeling them and then you don’t feel so alone.

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