Mood and Behavior

Back in the eight grade, I had a teacher who opened my mind and made me re-evaluate my life. 

On a typical discussion in English 8, my teacher (who I will call Sir M), gave us a really great life lesson we probably will ever have. 

I don’t particularly remember what we were discussing at that time but I remember so clearly what he said about mood and behavior. 

We all have our bad days. We all have been a bitch or an asshole to someone- don’t fucking deny or I swear, I’m gonna find you and skin you alive. Anyways, we can’t really deny the fact that we have put all our anger or irritation or annoyance to someone in the past. And for the past years of my life, I always thought that using the words “Hey, I’m sorry for the way I reacted earlier. I wasn’t in the best mood.” is the reasonable excuse on being acting like a bitch when I’m not in the mood but boy, I was dead wrong. 

Sir M told us the difference between mood and behavior. Mood is an emotional state while behavior is the way you act to someone. It seems pretty understandable and obvious that the two are different, right? So, here’s my point: Using the excuse “I wasn’t in the mood” when you were acting badly towards someone is wrong in so many level. Your mood should not affect the way you treat someone. If you are angry, do not let it out on someone. You can scream, you can punch a fucking pillow, you can stay under the shower for a damn long time- don’t throw it out on a person or animal or the nature or someone else’s property. Simply take a deep breath, visualize a happy moment and remember that there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel. 

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