Shear insanity oh wait…grown up.

First the picture is a gift. Watch that very closely. .. no reason now. . It’s a peace offering in a way.

Every superhero is well a person. . If you aren’t super take off your mask:)


I noticed today first off this has timing of when ever.

I’m doing this different tonight. . No one gave me an assignment just to flow the day. Mine I can. I may focus on tonight that was for me.

Still day was noaccomplished I know Joe reads this.  I’m late.  We know why.  Hank does if I give it to him.  Maybe

I’ll never know Joe and I reflect. Hank and I no. So when I moved and started over here it was too reflect my POSITIVE A CHANGES not bad behavior or past issues in my old relationships. . But why I’m GROWING UP!

I cant swear..I also try not to.  It does reflect outwards.  Thank you Joe.

For me today was some closed relationship… well idk there is a shift… it maybe it’s still not what I want.  No formal names. .. just all 3.

Alot Hank got today and I am still uneasy with that..No face time… phone and still maybe forever CONDITIONS. .

I’m not going to Michigan. . Not this weekend. Joe and I talked from 9 1030ish…

Hank got more of my day. .. The issue is part that conditioning. ..i know how long it went on before I could leave the house but also at NA… which he was supposed to focus on his relationship with mistress tragic.

I know use certain names for a reason. . This could blow up. .I trust you both because. .you’ve shown me grown behaviors now or in the past.

Joe. .. per discussion I will move back to my other blog on here… Monday. . No sooner. .I go back to work that day. . Yes I can wait until july1..I should not. Cheating is that me. .I dont cheat… I’m number one. Alpha. .I know that. Due to my ability to offer a 3rd or have a healthy poly and switching play partner ships before.

The offering to Hank was to say the least bad timing. I learned alot from that. .. she gave me control. ..I believe under other circumstances she may still be with us. Emotional sexual and loving.

But with Hank there is an attachment very strong mentally. . Not sure bad or good that’s it.

I get a part of him no one else will.  Fear maybe truths finally.  But. . He is scared.  I am too.

I am going to end that. Joe stays Joe per my request Hank well is Hank

No affirmations. .I did that 2x today. Thank you my watchers… I appreciate it.  Joe.  Please call me when you leavetext


I may sleep. . Not sure last night was amazing.




Sweet girl. I did try to call and text you. I hope you are resting. Sleeping is part of your life.  It’s as important as anything else you are spending time on.  Be proactive today, for yourself.  No one else. I will try you on my lunch

Blessed you are,


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