Already at Week #4

What’s fair is far…. teacher’s are trying their very best to help develop each child to reach their fullest potential. If a teacher is accused of doing something wrong, it needs to be proven and witnesses come forward. It is what is due … it is our “due process” under the law. The whole idea of due process should give teachers the opportunity to challenge charges against them even though the laws governing the process is complicated. Once a teacher completes their probationary period (usually 3 years) they earn tenure status (permanency). Due process prevents school districts from firing teachers without proven reason. teachers are allotted a legal hearing that includes the right to legal representation and permits the presiding party to subpoena witnesses and hear testimony.

My biggest concern (and confusion) also regards being tenured. To retain tenure, a teacher is observed once a year. What transpires in those other 179 days of the school year could be absolutely horrific. I am aware of a situation where a three year teacher in a music program was extremely derogatory to the students in his class and belittled other students in extracurricular activities. The new principal (who hired this teacher) didn’t want to show that she made a huge mistake with this teacher and nothing ever seemed to get documented. By the third year, student and parents were up in arms about the treatment received from the teacher. The teacher was informed at the end of the school year that even though three years were completed, the administration would delay tenure for the teacher until he could prove that he could produce a full music program at the school (which was the condition of his hire and was still not achieved). I am glad that this was caught now and this tactic was used. What if the teacher obtained tenure and was only observed once a year? What may have transpired in class with this poor attitude and lousy treatment of students? A lot can happen after three years… is it wise to offer permanent status to someone after a short period of time?

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