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I am so EXCITED to start a public journal i have always loved writing but felt as if i was never good WARNING my spelling might be off which i am sure most would agree after following up with my journals later on down the road. =) i am new to this so please leave comments let me know what you think of my other posts later on..


Today 06-19-15

It is my last day at my job and i must say although i am getting an amazing oportunity else where…. I am still going to miss this place and i am going to miss all of my co-workers even those that were disrespectful…Working in  a high paced clinic is EXHAUSTING but exciting the things you see and the people you meet have quite the excitement to them but disregarding excitement , i LOVE working in the medical field helping others and assisting the great Doctors that i had to work with. Here is the killer.. every single co worker here has an attitude, are rude, sarcastic, lazy at times and throaw ANYONE under the bus if their name came up in any topic looking for a blame. I am NOT sad to start new begin a new path that who knows might have similar people but its new experiences and new chances i am willing to make rather that stay here. My Doctors are spoiled by me and another medical assistant. We try our hardest to do everything possible for them and we even do things that are not in our job description and deffinately not in our scope….If i could tell everyone what  apapin they have been i will be just another complainter… instead i brough some delicious donuts and i will finish myu lastday here like a champ… My manager hasnt spoken to me and every one has attitude faces on …. no difference i will treat every one with a smile a good bye and wishes and hopes that this clinic prospers. Please tell me if this is wrong but my ideal thougt would be showing them my middle polished finger nail thank yous and you will not be missed at all not scratches or dents have been made in my heart….only unbreakable wall of destruction (towards others) lol im just joking around… Time for a NEW time for EXPLORING time  for more thoughts.

Thanks so much for taking your valuable time to ready my rinkydink thoughts =) you will hear form me!!! Air hugs and much respect.

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