she lays in a garden bed
when the gnomes are being too
she eats the sunflowers stems
and prays to her trees

you roar rising
and falling
globe of fire and heat
won’t you cast out my shadow
behind my discovering feet
for I’m craving
a shade
and a single shade
is all I would ever need

do you see she is
decaying like her flowers in
the fall
but it is spring time,
my love
she is not blooming
with the world
her weary eyes rest
against the window pane
her garden will flourish
no more

now the birds have
been calling
to their children
but no eager bird will be
returning tonight
it is late evening
and mother bird has already
realized her lucky loss

is is been clicking
like oceans tongue on the roof
of a wave
and she smiles back
at me like in some dream
it’s too fake
to be feeling this way
for I know my real eyes
are resting away

a pool of pointless
and I’m in the ferris wheel
spiraling off to
nothing nowhere
but I feel
the clouds separate
to unfold the natural gaze
of such a blue view
up to the moon

and she is laughing now
as the TV starts
to fade
the bath is so nice
and warm
this noontime day
in through this mirror
and all around this room
she has made
her rest
and is sleeping alone nude

her dry garden hums to her
while she releases her
final breath

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