heaving in circles
and eating the recycled
I lost it all
space time
inside this reversed bible
and for a moment
in split second
the wind felt good
and just for a minute
the rain did too

it is spring once
offer up your garden bed
to the ghosts in
your head
I like this movement
this potential progression
shedding my past
and sour obsessions

I look in the mirror
and in through I go
way past the volcanoes
and deserted snow
I stood amongst
sweet leaves an
easy breeze
left my thoughts in
the waves
and took my lips away

melting ice sits in
crowded corners of the
television screen
and she’s fumbling through
my obscured dreams
await for it,
I screamed

no one understands you
so no one will
ever care
in this artsy mirage
of unlearning and returning
I am the she
and the he
and the they
I am you and you are me
in the most loveliest way
we see each other
like mirrors in the skies
and the trees
its reflection of retelling
is what I choose
not to perceive
but it is I and it is you
I love you so much
because I love myself too

in the dense forest
I feel myself at one
I am bending
and becoming
one with the sun
wrapped in silk and vines
this life is all mine
the walk back
to the moon doesn’t seem
that lonesome
these staring clouds don’t seem
that intimidating

this water feels
joyous on my laughing tongue
I have tasted
the sweet nectar of eternity
and I’m only growing

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