by all accounts the world moves fast
hurdling around the sun at 18mps
but sitting in the sun
the light falling on shoulder blades
looking as if any movement they should unfold into wings
the world moves slow

the vulnerability of it all
we have to be careful with hearts
careful they won’t bruise like apples we shook from trees
bare like our bodies
dancing in underwear
exposed like the palms of hands
pressed together in a prayer
praying to find space
space to be vulnerable
space to be present
still but not static

my spine bent in a crescent
your bones curved like the moon light around me
the way we collapse into each other
makes me consider the way the tide crashes into the shore
or the way an artist grips a paintbrush
as natural as breath

it seems that to love is to drive down the interstate
windows down and wind whipping
through tangled hair and happy hearts

soon we’ll go places on our own
driving down our own roads in foreign lands
but you gave me light
where it once was gone

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