To baby or not to baby????

Hello again! kittysoftpaws here again with a topic for journaling that to me is a must!  need to know what you think

I am married about to be 2 yrs with my husband this July… i am inlove with babies and i think they are so adorable as well as being a hand full and extremely costly. I have had a few FEVER episodes were i truly want a baby and my husband and i talk about it and still do not come to the conclusion of actually going for it….I wont lie once we tried for about 6 mo and nothing ever happen got many mixed signals but not a mommy yet =( i feel that i want to grow bigger and bigger in my career but i also want a baby and althugh i know you should never have a kid outta hoping to find better love from your husband or to even make a  man stay, i think my husband and i would be pretty awesome parents.. Needless to say i am not pregnant and i dont have any kids… I am a proud momma of 2 BEAUTIFUL CATS!!! My baby girl is about 2yrs old her name is MIA and my baby boy ALEX is about 1 yr and a half. They are my all i love them to pieces and although many say 2 is TOO many to me 2 is  super stuper sweet !!! My MIA is all black with white paws and white jaw,neck, belly and alllll lower belly and she has these aazing hazel eyes and she is like a bombay kitten. My baby boy Alex is all types of light and medium grays all over extremely fluffy with these huge mustard colored eyes and he is a doll faced persian. I guess i am a mom after all. I AM A KHALEESI MOTHER OF KITTENS ( Game of thrones joke)….lol

Thanks so much for taking your valuable time to ready my rinkydink thoughts =) you will hear form me!!! Air hugs and much respect.

One thought on “To baby or not to baby????”

  1. I say tell your honey that you want this and try untill it happens. If you really want this and you both are ready for it in every way I say have sex a million times a day till you get those lil blue lines.

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