because i’m still me and like to be helpful a little tech advice

it’s calmed into a beautiful if mildly sultry day, but this morning it was ‘stormin like Norman’ as the saying goes (going to have to look up the origin of that. such a fun phrase)

i slept in for a change 750 no less! whoohoo! and got up wobbled off to the loo clinging to walls and furniture (here’s some irony for you, i have forearm crutches for out and about and canes and walking sticks for indoors, but 1st thing in the morning? can’t use em. my hands are affected by this shit now too and are part of what i call ‘the great un-crink’ usually waiting till after 1st painkiller kicks in, then i forcibly uncrab all my various bits and bobs. used to be just my legs now it’s everything neck down. sucks. but before i do that, while i can kind of claw onto the edge of furniture and grab the poked-out corners where 2 walls meet, i can’t circle my fingers around the handle of a cane or the knobby top of my walking stick. i COULD force my fingers around it, but i wouldn’t be able to hang onto it to use it for support. screw it. it’s almost over anyway.) unlocked my computer from where it had played out the full playlist i’d put on the night before (TMNT2K3 season 3),g one past the time limit of the screen saver and shut itself off and was JUUUUUST reading messages when the power went out. hrmf. well then. same to you, buddy. i had another drink of flat warm water from the glass i leave by the bed (and rarely drink much of because it will only mean i have to wake again to go pee and risk not being able to get back to sleep) and it came back on. oh good! it’s only been a few moments, i should be able to do a single keystroke recovery on the 3 windows i’d already opened! power went out again before it could even properly restart. i growled ‘shit’ in french (merde!) because it’s a good strong word to growl and flopped back in the chair glowering at the monitor. came back on and just as quickly power went off again. ‘alright. what the fuck. over?’ i groused. then it came back on and went right back off again. ‘oh fer cryin out loud!’ (fairly decent Raph impression about 2 octaves too high. i can get the inflection and the accent, but i cannot hit the lower registers of baritone. even my chameleonic voice doesn’t stretch THAT far.) and it stayed off. so i dug out the most recent gas and electric bill and phoned in the report. found out the power would likely be off till around 11 (and for a CHANGE their prediction was only off by about 13 minutes in THEIR favour!) made some tea (yay gas stoves!) had a croissant with cream cheese and smoked salmon noting i had enough to have it for breakfast tomorrow providing i leave the fridge shut for the duration and the power really DOES come on which it thankfully did) and took advantage of the cooler temperature brought by the storm to have a nice long hot bath/soak then came back to the desk, stuck my nose in a book that’s like an old friend (legacy of the drow still. haven’t been reading much lately in analogue form. why should i? i’ve read every book i own about 100 times and that is little to no exaggeration. usually it’s only when i eat. i’ll allow myself a chapter or 2 then. rationing out favourite old stories)

when the power came back on my system unsurprisingly had crashed. it suggested 1 of those automatic system repair thingies which i allowed duh and that STILL didn’t fix it. so.

here’s the advice. computer acting slow or glitchy? malwarebytes scan is free and generally fairly comprehensive. let it do it’s thing. then ran a defrag. then ran a disc cleanup, then did a restore to the most recent available point. then i restarted the system. tada! runs like a dream again

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